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There is a black hole at the center of all galaxies, but the physical realities beyond the event horizon remain unknown. Astronomers know that the spaces surrounding stars are so cold that they float at nearly zero degrees. We don’t know why because most galaxies don’t fall into this in-between state and aren’t stuck in it. The Universe may or may not be with us; it’s not as though we can follow it and see where it’s going.

Why did it have to be a singularity where everything was achieved by the evolution of the matter surrounding it? That void within is black and empty. More substance could exist in such a place; there would have been no time to carry on anything so profound. We’re still asking why there was so little there at the start. So much more space has accrued over billions of years.

In 1989, Steven Weinberg got it into his head that, in fact, all matter in the Universe could be making contact with empty space. Could there be, after all, some subtle middle point between particle and open, by which particles could connect and have real interaction, according to Einstein’s equations? That it was quantum uncertainty that kept everything apart; mass too infinitesimal to be determined was swamped by the delay introduced by quantum probabilities.

Night sky over Grand Canyon
Night sky over Grand Canyon

And wouldn’t some random event at the end start to blur the confines of reality at all the boundaries so that things became connected in one complete, emergent thought? Here was all the information an event has and none of the raw feeling of knowing it happened, let alone what the occasion is. Every door into that black hole said it would bring about a deep understanding of the cosmos. And yet, when everyone finally got to the starting point in that grand intellectual enterprise, there was nothing worth getting to. All they left behind was void.

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Does looking at outer space keep us from imagining what might be happening in the house we are in, at the end of the street, in our daily lives? Nowhere do we realize the absolute scale of everything yet to come, and only some things have arrived. Was it only that visible proximity to light, that vivid and vivid realization of being able to have great ideas that pulled our attention towards that which seemed so new, so astonishing? To prove the visual concept, then the perceived problem, logical concept, and eventual application? Was that what drove mankind? It was merely a manifestation of something deeper in us all, those hungering minds of our race that let us imagine an idea or identify a trend of behavior that, for reasons of limitation or resource depletion, we were suddenly facing on an infinite scale.

If we get over those frictional inefficiencies, our knowledge is enormous, and we can understand one portion of it. Read the vital principles to manipulate and manipulate the material world and manipulate them within ourselves, and to manipulate many parts of ourselves to achieve even more significant changes.

How much of what has been or will be born from imagination like this? Without any tool and given form through birth only by evolutionary laws? This question may give us all the edge over each other in ever-thinning hierarchies that push us towards thinking we can see, touch, work, or explain something by creating our own artifact. Only do so by bowing and scratching against the residue of information already present to it. When there’s so much, that can’t be because there’s not that much about yet. This is why it is fundamental to our evolution to see beyond our knowledge that we are surrounded by communication, and information, within; yet, these blinders remain an enigma in ways most would find remarkable.

It is the simplest thing, like lifting something from something greater than us, thus exploring the darkness without and within and genuinely understanding what it means to be alive. We can only figure out how long it’s been there when we look. So may there be life in that Cosmos that we so inhabit.


May there also be love in it, beautiful silent connections, shared almost entirely through the ideas and experiences we exchange with those we love, just for the pleasure of being around. Have we imagined such tenderness since the clouds parted to behold infinite heights of celestial bodies arranged in patterns so skillfully and magnificently designed that we can find beauty and peace within ourselves?

That should be enough. Love should be understood as feeling and understanding.

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