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About us

We are Jacker Magazine. You may call us “Jacker.” We’re here to help bring unique and original news to the internet. We embrace authenticity, vulnerability, and inclusion.

Today, Jacker Magazine is a modern media company providing humans from all walks of life and worldwide with unique stories no one else tells.

The world around us is radically changing and, with it, the path to triumph. Whether you’re a peasant, a professional, a royalty — or a bit of all three, consider us your eyes of the world. We’re here to spark the thrill of possibility, to inspire and inform so that you can succeed on your terms.

Our vision

Leave no one behind. Everyone has the right to be informed, enlightened, and not the least amused.

Our mission

We are delivering evidence-based and original research in the most sought-after categories.

Our values

  • Humor
    We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously.
  • Talent
    We have honest conversations about where we are and what we need to accomplish. We embrace change.
  • Vulnerability
    We do more with less but raise our hands when a co-worker or a reader’s wellbeing is at risk.
  • Thirst for knowledge
    We are immortal learners. Our readers are our peers.
  • All-inclusivity
    We worship diversity of age, ethnicity, gender, religion, ability, experience, class, size, and cognitive capabilities. Mix it up!