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New York, NY
February 6th, 2023

As a representative of the artistic community, Jacker Magazine believes in the value and importance of human creativity, expression, and emotion.

We firmly stand against the use of AI in creating art, as it fails to capture the unique essence of the human experience. Artificial intelligence may be able to mimic certain techniques and styles, but it lacks the emotional depth, intuition, and personal touch that are the hallmarks of true art.

Artists have always pushed boundaries and challenged societal norms, and we must continue to do so by embracing our humanity in our creations. Using AI in the arts detracts from this mission and reduces the creative process to a mere technical exercise.

We believe art should evoke an emotional response, provoke thought, and stir the human spirit. This cannot be achieved through algorithms or machine learning models, no matter how advanced they may be.

We call on our fellow artists to join us in this stance and continue prioritizing human creativity’s importance in pursuing artistic excellence. The future of art depends on it.

Moving forward, we firmly declare “No to AI” in creating art and affirm our commitment to preserving human creativity, expression, and emotion in the arts.

Jacker Magazine, one of the world’s leading institutions dedicated to modern and contemporary art, is warning the art world that unless immediate action is taken, the future of art is in peril.

Our research and analysis indicate that the increasing use of artificial intelligence in creating art threatens to undermine the essence of what makes art unique and valuable. Art has always been a reflection of human experience and emotion, but AI-generated works lack the personal touch and emotional depth that are the hallmarks of true art.

Jacker Magazine is calling on artists, collectors, galleries, and cultural institutions to take a stand against the use of AI in creating art and to recommit themselves to preserving human creativity and expression.

“Art has the power to change the world and to evoke deep emotions in people, but this power is at risk,” said the Editorial Director of Jacker Magazine. “The use of AI in the creation of art may produce esthetically pleasing works, but it fails to capture the human spirit and experiences that are the foundation of great art.”

Jacker Magazine is committed to leading the way in this fight to protect the future of art and is urging the art community to join us in this critical mission. Art must remain a human endeavor, and Jacker Magazine will continue to champion the importance of human creativity and expression in pursuing artistic excellence.

For more information on Jacker Magazine’s stance on AI and the future of art, consult our Privacy Policy.