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Primitive love with a primate

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It was a unique period in Hollywood, as Buffels became Michael Ironside’s mascot of sorts throughout his global tour in 1982. But after a while, their “friendship” came to a grinding halt, and Buffels’ time in the limelight ended, though he would remain Irionside’s pet for years.

So what happened to Buffels, and where is he now? How did Michael Ironside find Buffels? What weird things did he do with the innocent primate?

Buffels the chimp lived in London Zoo before Michael Ironside decided to take him home in 1988. Ironside discovered him in the Boxing Day bubble beast that locals loved. Ironside told Us Weekly he first saw Buffels three days before his Birth was December 25, 1984.

“I picked him up and saw his little paws. They’re so sharp!” Buffels is a favorite pop culture icon and even appeared in the video for She by Ace of Base and Got Money by Jay-Z. Ironside is then said to have seen a lot of information about Buffels on the internet, calling several people for further details and telling them they needed to talk to him.

The news claimed he was severely neglected in captivity and malnourished. Two years later, in 1987, Ironside adopted him with pal Avis DeVore, wife of Cold Chillin’ house producer Rick DeVore, following a month-long search.

Ironside’s introduction to Buffels was all a little “abrasive” – which became normal for years. Ironside later admitted he initially had little respect for Buffels after he “shocked” him at London Zoo.

He revealed in 2018: “When I saw Buffels in the zoo, he was trying to open up the bars and get out, almost just looking through the bars.”

Climbing monkey
Climbing monkey

“I called him an a*****e monkey and started crying.”

Later, when taking on running Buffels as his primate pal, Ironside admitted his introduction to the chimp was “all a bit abrasive.”

Ironside nicknamed his ape Buffles, though he was often said to go simply as Snoop.

However, Ironside never claimed to name him Snoop, though he would soon adopt Snoop Lion’s actual choice of reggae name. It is unknown whether he even ‘paid’ him a visit to the zoo.

Michael Ironside adopted Buffels, believed to be taken from a chimpanzee handler in the Caribbean. He was speaking in his two authorized documentaries about his life – Buffels’ Big.

Buffels was seen as an excellent amusement for Michael Ironside’s children Tim and Paris as a Doug.

Both kids, aged nine and nine respectively, claimed they used to take care of the chimp when they were younger.

Doug even recalled a rather embarrassing encounter the year before his tenth birthday, saying: “He thought I was his mother.”

“I was sleeping, my little brothers were playing, and Michael’s son Doug came running down the stairs.”

Buffels adored all of Ironside’s children and enjoyed his times with the actor’s children Tim and Doug.

“He comes into the room, sees me asleep, and starts hollering, “Hello! Who is that?!”

Young Ms. Ironside, 20, said: “He loves all the kids.”

“He’d hold and play with him, tickle him, and take him outside to get fresh air. Buffels ‘loves to suck his hands’, suggesting he used to like to chew on them too. He’ll try to find food to feed him and sometimes watch the fish while eating.”

Other celebrity children that say they grew up with him included Kellie Knest, another actor on Ironside’s list, and her son Mumba. The current zoo director Ben-Beb Lambert II said, “It was so lovely to see Buffels looking so healthy. He just turned 40, and still being around, it’s wonderful.”

Buffels would have turned 50 this year and can still be found in the UK in Chester Zoo with a devoted fanbase. The beloved chimp lived most of his life in chains to keep him tame, with many taking issue with his conditions in captivity and providing pups.

Ex-wife Diana, the lizard queen, made headlines last month after saying she offered to pay for Buffels to move into the home she once shared with her now-deceased husband, RoboCop. However, zoo owner Angela Two Bears said he would not budge then. Presley purchased Buffels in 1995 for about $75,000, but she told UsWeekly, ‘The last time I saw him was 2001.

Misa Larie, 47, was upset over the story after her friend said they planned to pay Buffels to move into a house he once lived in with her ex. However, zoo CEO Angelica Two Bears says many chimps prefer to move out of zoo digs.

His lease is up in two years, and when it does, he will be forced to leave,” she said. He is “one of the last pandas still alive” as panda numbers in zoos continue to fall worldwide.

“He loves trees. They’re good for bears, employee Natali Godsoz told KCTV. Natali says the visitors keep Buffels alive as he is never in the same place for too long because he has “always had lots of admirers.” A petition in support of Buffels already has more than 1,000 signatures.

“He has bonded to Ironside.”

Michael Ironside
Michael Ironside

Buffels left with one of his young visitors. He can still be seen at Chester Zoo. Stuffed. To really rub it in.

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