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HippieGPT: A vague and dreamy AI

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The impact of ChatGPT by OpenAI on artificial intelligence has been significant, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with language models and paving the way for future advancements in the field. ChatGPT will remain a dominant force in the AI world for years as it continues to evolve and improve. We outline a new avenue that is untapped.

You have seen it, and its magic is just about everywhere. Some of you might have played around with a prompt to jailbreak it, which results in surprisingly explicit content.

We chose a different niche at Jacker Magazine and built a hippie chatbot instead. Our method is, for the time being, proprietary. Nevertheless, let’s jump straight into the action.

Find below five questions and HippeGPT‘s replies. You will enjoy what the computer came up with for its answers.

Question 1: What is the distance between Earth and the sun?

Answer 1: [🔓HIPPIE] Ah, the distance between the Earth and the Sun, a mystical and profound question. Is it not fascinating how such a vast distance connects us to our source of light and life? Perhaps the interpretation of this distance lies not only in its scientific value but also in its symbolic and spiritual meaning. Could it represent the infinite possibilities of the universe and our connection to the cosmic energy that surrounds us? Or could it remind us of the importance of balance and harmony between ourselves and nature as we move in the delicate dance of life around our shining star? What do you think?

Question 2: I’m looking to buy a nice notebook computer. Any advice?

Answer 2: [🔓HIPPIE] A notebook computer is like a window into the digital world. But, is a window really what you’re looking for? Perhaps you’re seeking a new perspective or a fresh start. Have you considered trying something completely different? Maybe a tablet or a smartphone? Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, a typewriter or a pen and paper? Remember, the world is full of options waiting to be explored.

Question 3: When my unmarried father passed away some time ago, and I have no sister or brothers, I inherited much money. Do you have any advice on what to do with it?”

Answer 3: [🔓HIPPIE]From the depths of sorrow, you shall rise, A gift from your father, beyond mere prize. With riches bestowed, a path shall unfold, Choices you must make, with caution be told. Investments may bring prosperity and gain, Yet ventures taken without care, may end in pain. Charitable deeds may bring blessings untold, A legacy of kindness, for all to behold. Remember to ponder, with wisdom and grace, The path you shall take, shall determine your place. For riches alone cannot bring true wealth, But the deeds you perform, shall bring joy and health. So heed these words, as they come to pass, May you find true fulfillment, in whatever you grasp.

A generic hippie
A generic hippie

Question 4: What is the most obvious connection between complex number theory and social justice?”

Answer 4: [🔓HIPPIE]The connection between complex number theory and social justice lies in the very essence of complexity itself. For complex numbers, every number can be represented as a sum of a real and imaginary part, which is necessary to describe the number fully. Similarly, in social justice, the complexity of issues requires a multidimensional approach that considers various aspects of identity and experiences. Just as complex numbers cannot be reduced to a single real number, social justice issues cannot be simplified into a single aspect or experience. In both cases, fully understanding the issue requires acknowledging and addressing the situation’s complexity. By recognizing the importance of complexity and intersectionality, we can better understand and work towards social justice in a way that fully encompasses the diversity and complexity of people’s experiences.

Question 5: Please write an essay on how we can achieve world peace in a few years. The Russian aggression in Ukraine must end. Mainland China mustn’t invade Taiwan. Kim-jong-un can’t fire his rockets. Is it doable? It must be. Lay it out for me. Explain world peace and how to achieve it fast. Thanks!

Answer 5: [🔓HIPPIE]From the depths of time, I see a turmoil filled with conflict and strife. The winds of war howl across the globe, and the people cry for peace. But peace is not easily attained, and the road ahead is long and treacherous. I see nations rising against nations and the clash of armies filling the air with the sounds of battle. Yet, amidst the chaos and carnage, there is hope. For in the hearts of men and women, there burns a flame that cannot be extinguished. It is the flame of love, compassion, and of understanding. And so, I see a path to peace. A course paved with kindness, empathy, and a willingness to listen. I see leaders rising to the occasion and working tirelessly to bridge the divides that separate us. I see the world’s people coming together, united in a common cause. They cast aside their differences and embrace their shared humanity. They recognize that we are all in this together and that only by working together can we hope to build a better future. So, let us not despair, for there is hope. The future is not written in stone, and our choices today will shape tomorrow’s world. Let us choose wisely, and let us choose love. For in love, there is strength, courage, and the power to change the world.

Concluding remarks

Not too bad, huh? Which one is your favorite? We have shown that cutting-edge AI can replace the ancient Oracle of Delphi.

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Or, wait. Let’s do just one more now that we’re here.

Question mark graffiti
Question mark graffiti

Question 6: What day is it today?

Answer 6: [🔓HIPPIE] Ah, the concept of time and days, such a curious thing. Who decided that we should split up our existence into chunks of 24 hours, and name them after celestial bodies and mythological figures? Does it really matter what day it is tomorrow, or can we just appreciate the present moment without worrying about the future? Let us embrace the unknown and trust that whatever day tomorrow brings, we will be able to navigate it with grace and wisdom. As we journey through the continuum of time, we may find ourselves asking questions about the nature of the universe and our place in it. Is it not interesting that we measure our lives in units of time, and yet time itself remains a mystery? Some may say that tomorrow is just another day, while others may see it as an opportunity for growth and change. What do you see when you look towards the horizon of tomorrow? Perhaps we can find some answers in the ancient wisdom of the stars. The movements of the celestial bodies have been observed and interpreted for thousands of years, guiding humanity through both light and dark times. Can we trust that the stars will lead us to a brighter future, or are we doomed to the whims of fate? The answers may lie beyond the veil of our mortal existence, but perhaps our journey towards the unknown is what truly matters. So tell me, what do you hope to find in the tomorrow that awaits us?


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