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Curious messages in movies and tv-series

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The Muppet Show is full of secret messages. We saw hidden pictures of a far-off post-holocaust Earth, a giant basketball trophy showing how ugly everyone in Hollywood really was. Remember Jimmy Stewart hanging around a crowd of actors in disguise for six episodes and having to throw footballs at real children to hide his real identity? And Jason Gould dressing up like Freddy Mercury.

Things haven’t stopped there. The Lion King used its space sequences to explain complex things like swimming turtles or tales of the days of long ago. The Star Wars prequels used flashbacks to explain to future generations everything their ancestors had known about life in the caves and hunting great hawks. The origin of zucchini bread, crying for a stuffed bear, and whaling too loudly.

Well, Frozen took things to the next level. Much like Beauty and the Beast, Frozen could have ended up as a flop. But instead of having the most boring story of all time, we got hidden messages galore and massive revelations like this one.

Princess Anna and Queen Elsa are sisters from ancient times who now live hidden behind the castle walls of Arendelle. Elsa hid for years after accidentally killing her sister with an icy blast from her cursed ice palace. Anna could never remember what had happened. Just in time to help her sister prepare for her coronation, Anna uses her bodyguards secretly, leaving no fingerprints and DNA of any wrongdoing.

When a bizarre golden ice hotel wanders into their magical kingdom, Anna spends an entire episode visiting it. No one can guess why she is so curious or obsessed. Only her feelings of jealousy and insecurity shine through. But just like many little kids and adults who have thought it about themselves, she might not be as unhinged as we all thought she was.

Even more interesting is that Elsa’s powers began growing back to normal during her time locked in the icicle chapel. If anyone ever stopped in during her days without sunlight or knew of her curse, it would have kept her in a frozen prison inside the ice walls. It wouldn’t have given her the power to do anything she wanted to in that church. In fact, she tried once, probably thinking it was something only her evil family would understand.

Anna in Frozen
Anna in Frozen

She even stopped getting cured to spare a scene with an audience. Remember all the fans of the documentary Titanic obsessing about the life and death of Calypso and then discovering that the actual cabin was hidden behind a gigantic bell? We’re all curious, but did someone throw it in there for pure entertainment value?

But why?

There were secrets hidden in Frozen. When you pay attention, most of them are there. Elsa hid her story from a community of trolls when she was a young witch. An entire debate about star pregnancy surrounding Anna’s brother got fascinating when we found out it happened in Asgard, where the fire is on the right-hand side of the map. We wouldn’t know how to find it even if we wanted to.

Not sure if you’re a fan of the Muppets in general, but Frozen did pull a fast one on fans. It turns out Kermit isn’t missing an eye. We’ve seen him playing detective, trying to solve problems about ducking ducklings, acting like flyswatters, and chasing Robin and Miss Piggy.

With their hearts lifted by the fans, Disney created a mystery to expand the universe for Frozen fans to use for thousands of years. They even held press events just for this purpose. Even at the Disney D23 Expo in 2013, celebrities posed with simple signs that said, “Who is in the snow palace with Anna?”

Titanic and the iceberg
Titanic and the iceberg

Fans got quiet or furious, demanding information that fans didn’t even know was hidden. And like any Disney magic trick, some probably didn’t even get it right, just sharing random trivia they thought sounded like truth.

But in actuality, many have caught it.

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