Winter storm in the Big Apple

Prepping for winter storm

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Winter storms can be some of the most spectacular weather events, with their blanket of sparkling snow covering the landscape. However, they can also be the most dangerous and destructive, causing power outages, traffic accidents, and even loss of life.

There are several types of winter storms, including snow storms, ice storms, and blizzards. Snow storms occur when it snows heavily for an extended time, sometimes accompanied by strong winds. Blizzards are snow storms characterized by strong winds and low visibility due to blowing snow. Ice storms occur when rain falls and freezes in contact with the ground, creating a layer of ice that can make roads and sidewalks slippery and treacherous.

Desolate cabin covered in snow
Desolate cabin covered in snow

Impact on society

Winter storms can significantly impact society, causing disruptions to travel, business, and daily life. Snow and ice can make roads and streets impassable, leading to traffic accidents and delays. Strong breezes can strike down power lines and cause power outages, leaving people without heat or electricity. Winter storms can be deadly in extreme cases, particularly for those caught outside in freezing temperatures.

There are several steps that people can take to organize for and stay safe during a winter storm. It is essential to keep a supply of non-perishable food and water, flashlights and batteries, and warm blankets in case of a power outage. Having a backup plan for heating your home in case the power goes out is a good idea. When traveling during a winter storm, it is essential to allow extra time to reach your destination, drive safely for the conditions, and keep an emergency kit in your car.


Prepping, short for preparing, refers to making practical and necessary plans and preparations for a potential disaster or crisis. Prepping can include anything from creating a stockpile of food, water, and supplies to developing a plan for communication and evacuation.

Icy roads and heavy snow
Icy roads and heavy snow

There are many motivations why somebody chooses to prep. Some do it out of concern for natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes. Others are motivated by the possibility of economic collapse or societal upheaval. For some, prepping is simply a way to be self-sufficient and independent, to have the resources and knowledge necessary to take care of themselves and their families in a crisis.

There are several ways to begin prepping. The first step is to assess your individual needs and vulnerabilities. This precaution can help you determine what types of disasters are most likely to affect you and your community and what resources and supplies you will need to have on hand. Some everyday items include non-perishable food, water, first aid supplies, tools, and personal protective equipment.


In addition to gathering supplies, it is vital to develop a plan for communication and evacuation. A plan should include the following:

  • A list of emergency contact numbers
  • A designated meeting place for family members
  • A method for how to get to safety in the event of a disaster

It is also recommended to enlighten yourself with your community’s emergency procedures and resources, such as evacuation routes and shelter locations.

Winter in the woods
Winter in the woods

Prepping can also involve acquiring specific skills and valuable knowledge in a crisis. Preparing can include basic first aid, survival skills, and knowledge of purifying water and growing food.

In conclusion, winter storms can be beautiful but also dangerous and disruptive. It is crucial to be prepared and to take precautions to stay safe during these events.

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