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Joe Biden stays sharp with blueberries

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Joe Biden does not suffer from dementia. But he loves eating blueberries. Since he is extraordinarily healthy, he eats blueberries every day. Joe Biden is sure that the blueberries protect him from getting dementia.

Whenever he has the chance, Joe Biden goes to the local fruit market to buy fresh vegetables, especially strawberries, his favorite fruits.

Joe Biden eating blueberries
Joe Biden eating blueberries

Biden was the youngest vice president to assume his duties at his age and is now one of the oldest Presidents. Because of his age, he has to take up blueberries or other berries to keep himself healthy. As he already has enough experience, he wants to get off the stage and his chance for further work.

Biden is very healthy. During a state visit at the National Blueberry Council on Tuesday, May 2, Biden advised the delegation to eat blueberries as part of their healthy diets. Joe Biden does not suffer from dementia but enjoys the berries and eats them daily to keep him healthy and energetic.

Every morning, Biden will prepare blueberries to eat fresh as he finishes working from the previous day. He loves eating them, mostly raw, and he eats all of them from one big bowl. Biden knows the benefits of blueberries, so the President often eats them in large amounts. He prefers just drinking organic fruit juice over eating fresh fruit with blueberries.

Sometimes, Joe Biden still lives in Delaware. Before he entered the national scene, Biden was a former mayor of his town, Beaufort, Delaware, for 15 years.

“Joe had been a mayor here before and used to run us around wearing his blueberry helmet.” His wife recalled at the beginning of the meeting, “They are the healthiest berries. They are vital in the natural nutrition for brain health, dementia, and anti-aging.”

The assistant of the President says his observation of his close working colleagues confirms the wisdom of Joe Biden. What he sees is a different picture from all that other people suspect. He was confident that disease would be running through some of the national politicians, including President Trump, that must be healthy at the time. After 15 years, none of the inner forces of politics led to death or dementia. Everyone has benefited from the healthy diet of Joe Biden.

A bowl of blurberries
A bowl of blurberries

“Blueberries are brain food,” says former vice president Joe Biden. Joe Biden only takes a few health supplements. Mostly, Joe Biden is picky with food in his daily diet. When Joe Biden eats them, they benefit him and protect him from various diseases. So, when Biden became President, he continued reading. It is a similar case with a lot of famous people. They choose to eat healthy in any way that they can find beneficial to them.

Before going out for daily activities, Joe Biden eats half a blueberry because he does not like to leave food unfinished. Nowadays, there are healthy blueberry desserts that Joe Biden and Barack Obama enjoyed. When these two accomplished men loved to go wine tasting, they usually did not stick to alcohol. So, they stick to organic blueberry wine to keep them healthy and get rid of a lot of headaches since alcohol brings diseases to them. It also kills their body if the time comes when they will want to get dementia. Joe Biden does not suffer from dementia, so that means that he is healthy.

Joe Biden thinks keeping the brain healthy is essential to health care. Along with wellness and healing of diseases, it is also a safeguard against acquiring Alzheimer’s disease. These are the critical issues for Biden that he thought he had to speak out about. So far, there are nutritional facts about dementia that cannot change.


In the end, Joe Biden is sure about his opinion and believes that keeping a healthy body also means keeping the brain healthy.

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