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Is Hitler alive? An invited editorial

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Disclaimer: This article contains controversial ideas put forward by the author and does not necessarily reflect the ideas of It Will Happen

A declassified CIA memorandum shows that Adolf Hitler was witnessed alive in Colombia in 1954 — several years after his alleged suicide in Berlin in 1945. The news indicates that the Nazi leader fled from Germany and resided in several Latin American countries before he met his destiny.

According to a cable from the CIA base in Maracaibo, Venezuela, in 1955, and included among the newly released documents regarding the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, a former German military officer and newspaper editor named Phillip Citroen told a CIA agent that he had met with Hitler in the Tunja, Colombia, in 1954.

The summary of Citroen’s story indicates he was interviewed more than ten years after he met with Hitler.

South America and a strange symbol
South America and a strange symbol

He also said Hitler spoke English, Colombian, and Spanish and claimed the leader was a popular entertainer in Latin America.

Additional details, including whether Hitler also spoke French, were clarified after Citroen told a colleague that he had been on a goodwill mission from German President Gustav Streicher to President Juan Peron of Argentina while in Maracaibo. On this occasion, he also visited Hitler.

A short report from August 29, 1960, says, “Hitler took his life on April 30, 1945, but may have taken a step back from being declared dead when, under desperate circumstances, the CIA sought and received permission from the Federal Office of Criminal Investigations in Berlin to investigate his death. The contents of this file have been rated `Unclassified Sensitive.’ A search is being made to determine whether additional, declassified documents relating to this are held in another agency’s collections.”

The declassified memo continued, “Contrary to press reports, a secret investigation was opened and concluded that Hitler was dead, having been shot with his first wife, Regina. By this time, there had been reports of Hitler alive in Venezuela and South America, suggesting he may have fled after orchestrating a fake suicide.”

Colombian President Adolfo Lopez Mateos responded to the allegation by assuring the U.S. that Hitler forged his death as a part of an elaborate Nazi cover-up designed to trick the world into believing Hitler himself killed the Nazi leadership.

Meanwhile, apparently aware of how those questions will appear to some Germans unaware of the end of Hitler’s world regime, the Washington Post published a report titled, “Fascist Father Of Mussolini Dies.”

The Washington Post reported that Hitler had chosen Mexico to end his sad existence, fearing he would face disapproval or even violent condemnation in the country of his birth.

American reports of Hitler’s last resting place differ. A 1946 article in the New York Herald-Tribune reported that the dictator had tried to stay out of sight by returning to Mexico. There, his first wife had died before him, to be buried.

According to The Post, others believed he had attempted to escape through Panama or Brazil. A 1955 German government letter to German officials reported that Hitler escaped to Chile but was immediately arrested by the authorities, possibly due to receiving conflicting orders.

According to The Post, in 1956, former German Prime Minister Franz von Papen appeared in Brazil after he resigned from his position as U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s foreign secretary in 1955 and talked of “that murderous butcher, Hitler.” Two years later, the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera mentioned Hitler’s death, writing: “To discover that the founder of the world war, who ruthlessly plunged this continent into that cruel holocaust, tried to go to South America but he was almost caught in Panama, could only be embarrassing to everyone.”

Declassified CIA photograph of Hitler in the Amazonas
Declassified CIA photograph of Hitler in the Amazonas

The Post notes that to preserve foreign countries’ reputations, the Reagan Administration removed a mural celebrating German military prowess in Panama. Even worse, some countries denied they knew of Hitler’s presence in their territories, saying they had little reason to keep quiet.

“But, surely, Hitler’s birthplace should have known. Why didn’t they know about him, even though they should have known, given that they were his birthplace?” Wilfred Doell, a Chilean lawyer, claimed he had learned about Hitler’s actual death through a German named Anton, who appeared as a witness before German authorities.

By: Sir Graham, Professor in history at The University of Manchester, the United Kingdom

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