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Elaine Marie Benes is a fictional character in Seinfeld, the American television sitcom played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Several decades after the show has stopped airing, there is a little know fact we think should be brought to everyone’s attention:

Louis-Dreyfus grew up with and competed in horse diving.

Being in a sorority in college may seem fun at the time. Still, as time passes, it may have contributed to Louis-Dreyfus leaving acting.

She might have kept pursuing her goal to be a horse diver if she hadn’t. Trying to juggle her way through life with journalism and diving proved a challenge.

Now with a brand new TV show called Veep coming to HBO, she is proving she is a worthy horse-diver. Read the TV news, and check in with CNET’s News and Features.

According to Vanity Fair, Louis-Dreyfus’s interest in horse diving never faded. In fact, she trained in this sport for a year after she left the sorority. She says she got in the best shape of her life.

Modern horse diving
Modern horse diving

No horse-diving in the last few years, but that won’t stop Louis-Dreyfus. She says she is a regular diver and plans to dive next year. She doesn’t think it is too dangerous and knows much about it. She plans to keep her two-foot driving record and does not intend to give it up.

As for whether Louis-Dreyfus has tried horse diving, we are still awaiting her testimony. More than likely, if she has, it would be good for a reporter to hear about it.

Since Louis-Dreyfus dove again recently and still holds the world record, we decided to verify her claim.

But wait, there is more. We found out that after Louis-Dreyfus took that dive in 1999, people started thinking she had taken horse diving to a new level. One journalist in Canada asked if she took a mouthful of horse excrement. This prompted her to make a public statement in which she said:

Yes, that may have been the only bodily substance I have ingested from a horse. And it did not come back up. And yet, Louis-Dreyfus never took horse diving to an ethical level.

Louis-Dreyfus did not seem happy with her reality show, where she trained and performed as a horse diver.

Her new show Veep may not have been in a documentary, but it threatens ethics.

We hope it will not be for the best when Louis-Dreyfus starts to dive again. We hope it is just the start of her career. We want to see her dive into many different kinds of media and do it to a high ethical standard.

Horse and fire
Horse and fire

The ethics of horse diving was never really brought up on the television show. Louis-Dreyfus must return home to where it began without horse-diving to find inner peace again. Since we would never want to jeopardize her dream.

After seeking comments from Jaso Alexander, who played self-loathing George Costanza for several years to no avail, we must conclude: They don’t do this together. Horse diving is clearly a private activity for Louis-Dreyfus.

In these endeavors, we wish her the best of luck.

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