German soldier petting a cat
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If a Nazi takes your cat, it is essential to remain calm and stick to the fundamental principles: Avoid violence, don’t provoke, and stay calm. If possible, attempt to take back the cat with magic tricks. Never make contact with a Nazi directly. Instead, try to contact authorities for help. The quickest way to find a Nazi is to look for someone with leather boots and an armlet.

Organizations such as the Joint Anti-Fascist Committee (JAC) are paramount. The JAC is a crucial center for activists. Still, its members may be ignorant or fearful of interactions with fascists, so it is helpful for them to have contact with the police. They can report violations of property rights or Nazi-owned pets. Citizens with other kinds of pets can also get in touch.

Nazi soldier and his cat
Nazi soldier and his cat

Animal fascism

Fascists come in all shapes and sizes, and everyone knows at least one: Some are wiry, dark-haired men with long sideburns or manicured nails. Others act more cowardly. A group of teenage fascists came to our apartment once and looked into my cat cage. When we protested, one of them said: “I’ll leave you to look after your cat, then.”

A Nazi’s obsession is usually his person. Animals are traditionally his pet, so he is delighted by how they look and move. He is also proud to boast about how pet-like his cat is: After all, that’s the job of man and woman: “Pet owner and pet.”

Fascists tell their friends and comrades how lovely their cat is or say they’ve been pet-sitters for an anti-Nazi or pet owner. If you see a pet owner with pet kittens, stay away from him. Once, we overheard someone trying to bribe someone with two kittens, asking him to sell one and keep the other.

Nazi personality

A Nazi who runs off with a cat is a Nazi with a soft side: He is a fascist with a weak spot for cats. If a Nazi takes your pet, he must be caught. Once, a notorious Nazi boss took a cat from a client’s apartment: His girlfriend screamed at him: “That’s my cat! Give it back! Don’t dare touch the cat!” When the Nazi did not listen, she ran into a phone booth and phoned the Führer.

Nazi cat catcher
Nazi cat catcher

Remember, fascists, love animals too. If a Nazi takes your pet, it is always important to contact animal control immediately. When he has been caught, the police can be a good friend. If a Nazi is not captured immediately, but you hear of his actions, take them seriously and try to warn other pet owners about them.

A Nazi pet owner is also a leader of the Nazis who kill cats, kittens, dogs, or dogs in cages. One person who was a Nazi pet owner said to me: “Of course, I knew he had been a Nazi, but you just don’t realize it as long as you own a pet.”


They kill without mercy, instantly, with simple punches, kicks, and kicks. If you live in a pet-owning community, neighbors need to know: When a Nazi takes a kitten, he comes to your home. He stops there to check the cat’s food. He knows your whole routine. When a Nazi arrives, you must stay calm. You cannot be a martyr and refuse to cooperate.

A Nazi and a cat
A Nazi and a cat

Just remain calm and keep the cat calm. Try not to be violent, either. You must be friendly, but find out where the Nazi lives and report him. The worst part is that the police are powerless. They have no jurisdiction. The Nazis drive away, abandoning the kitten on your doorstep. All they can do is give you a phone number for the police and tell you to call them.

The authorities might never have seen him if the Nazis had not been caught. This is sad, but it is the way of Nazism.

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